Call for proposals | Adapting Humanitarian Action to Climate Change Lessons Paper

Deadline15 Jan 2021 

Job type ToR

ALNAP is seeking proposals for a consultant to author an upcoming lessons paper for humanitarian actors responding to the challenges of climate change.

The Lessons Paper will synthesise learning to support humanitarian actors in responding to the challenges of climate change. This learning may relate to both how humanitarian action can be adapted to address the adverse effects of climate change on affected populations, and how the contribution of humanitarian action to climate change can be mitigated. ALNAP expects to agree the specific scope and research question(s) with the successful consultant.

The consultant will be asked to review the methods note and use it to guide their approach. The revised methods note will retain elements of the previous methodology and will incorporate techniques for increasing relevance and practicality of the included lessons.

Key deliverables include:

Inception phase:

  • Inception phase meeting with ALNAP Secretariat
  • Set up reference group and conduct preliminary interviews
  • Define research question and data sources
  • Define inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Finalise study matrix
  • Draft and finalise Inception Report

Review and drafting phase:

  • Literature review: extracting literature and applying inclusion/exclusion criteria, reviewing selected literature, completing the study matrix
  • Collecting practitioner input on lessons extracted
  • Synthesis: selecting and framing lessons, incorporating practical examples where applicable, providing a confidence rating per lesson, holding mid-term ALNAP meeting(s)
  • Drafting: drafting the Paper, incorporating all comments from ALNAP

How to apply

The deadline to respond is 15 January 2021. Those interested in applying should submit a brief proposal to Jennifer Doherty at

ALNAP will review submissions and will be in contact with short-listed candidates soon after. The full ToR for this consultancy can be downloaded in the sidebar.

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