Call for Expression of Interest

Caritas Switzerland (CaCH) is looking for potential service providers (individuals, companies or civil society organizations) who can provide business trainings on various topics to business and livlihood grantees of the Caritas Switzerland project “Socio-Economic and Livelihoods Local Support in the Upper Drina Region of Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019-2023 (SELLS)”. 

The trainings will be conducted in the municipalities Pale FBiH, Foča FBiH, Foča, Novo Goražde, Čajniče, Rudo and Višegrad throughout July, August and September 2020. They aim to support the grantees activities in starting new income-generating activities (self-employment or employment). Trainings will have to include topics, such as: 

  • Simple business and marketing plan development in the sectors of agriculture, food processing, metal processing, different crafts, resale
  • Applying simple general accounting and bookkeeping

Other trainings based may be more specific, depending on the grantees’ proposed business or livelihood activities.

It is envisaged to work with potential service providers who are experienced providing training to unexperienced and/or poorly educated persons in operating a business, with a strong focus on practical learning.

Caritas Switzerland will shortlist potential service providers who may later be contracted for specific trainings. Interested potential candidates must submit an informal EoI, indicating:

  • Registration certificate as organization or business (if applicable)
  • Specific experience, the proposed training method and a detailed price range for the offered services. 
  • Information about staff and training capacity 
  • A list of already conducted trainings and references and recommendations form past institutions as past clients. 

The EoI and attachments must be addressed to Caritas Švicarske; Travnička 1, 71000 Sarajevo. Also electronic submissions are accepted and can be sent to

Deadline for submission is 17 July 2020 

Only short listed applicants will then be invited to submit 

a full offer for the training process based on the developed ToRs.

Sarajevo, 6 July 2020

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