Our Team

Mirjana Ribić

Web Administrator

Contact: mirjana.ribic@mreza-mira.net

Mirjana Ribić embarked on her journey in the NGO sector as a volunteer in the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka in 2012. That same year, after graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture, she fell in love with digital marketing and began learning intensively about it. In 2013, on the symbolic date of May 1st, she began her journey on the Network for Building Peace Project, on which she still participates to this day on building digital visibility. In addition to being engaged on the Network for Building Peace, Mirjana also participates in building virtual visibility on the Local Works Project. Beside digital marketing, photography is her hobby and passion.

Una Telegrafčić

Program Administrative Officer

Contact: una.telegrafcic@mreza-mira.net

Una Telegrafčić was born in Konjic. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Law. Through her professional engagement, she gained experience in the practice of commercial law, whereas her sphere of activity in the non-governmental sector focuses on media law, protection of human rights and peacebuilding. She has been employed with the Network for Building Peace Association since November 2020, where she works as Program Administrative Officer. She is the author and co-author of several research papers and reports in the field of protection of journalists and media professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mirela Bezdrob

Finance Administrative Assistant

Contact: mirela.bezdrob@mreza-mira.net

Mirela (Živojević) Bezdrob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law. In her work experience so far, she has more than nine years of professional experience working on various projects funded by the EU as well as international organizations. In addition, Mirela has longstanding experience in legal, administrative and financial affairs. She is employed as Finance Administrative Assistant in the Network for Building Peace Association.

Haris Badžić

Public relations coordinator

Contact: haris.badzic@mreza-mira.net

Haris Badžić is a graduate of cultural studies with more than a decade of experience working in the media as a photographer, journalist, videographer, editor and drone pilot. He graduated from the Department of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zenica, where through numerous interdisciplinary subjects he had the opportunity to shape and upgrade his previous knowledge and experiences with subjects related to media, language, culture, gender, history, production. Volunteered and collaborated with numerous civil society organizations, such as the Center for Women’s Rights in Zenica, Our Children Zenica, Association of Citizens with Pulmonary Hypertension “Dah” – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other formal and informal groups of citizens. Collaborated with numerous domestic and foreign media such as Anadolu Agency, Sarajevo-x, Pixsell, Zenit, where he gained experience and reported on some of the most important events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. He has been employed in the Peacebuilding Network in the position of Public Relations Coordinator since December 2022.