Steering Committee of the Network for Building Peace for 2021-2025

Nerdžis Čaplja

She is a culturologist by training and a Master student of Corporate Management. She is happily employed as a project manager at the Muharem Berbić Foundation. She has been active for over 12 years in the non-governmental sector within various organizations. Her roles have generally been related to program and project management. The areas of her interest are peacebuilding, nurturing diversity and promoting social inclusion and intersectionality, as well as entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors. She is a hiker. In particular, she likes visiting BiH mountains and studying BiH cultural and historical heritage. She advocates the ideas of creating a better present and socio-economic prosperity in BiH by using the potentials of this beautiful country.

Anja Haverić

Anja Haverić holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and is a geneticist. She has been active as a senior research associate of the University of Sarajevo’s Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. She has 20 years of experience in scientific research work and higher education and 10 years of experience in the non-governmental sector. She is one of the founders and an activist of the Association of Geneticists in Bosnia and Herzegovina through which she has established cooperation with the Network for Building Peace. Through her local and international scientific engagement, she strives to promote and improve BiH scientific capacities in the areas of genetics, genetic toxicology and biomonitoring. By participating in formal but also non-formal education, she has been helping young people to take full advantage of the opportunities offered to them in order to collectively make Bosnia and Herzegovina a better place for future generations. Considering her commitment to scientific work and active engagement in higher education, experience in implementing international projects and organizing scientific and expert meetings, she believes that she can contribute to the work of the Network for Building Peace in the areas of education, environmental protection and advocating for a better position of youth.

Aleksandar Žolja

Born in 1973 in Bugojno, he lives and works in Banja Luka. He is a secondary school teacher of philosophy and sociology by training and has 16 years of work experience as a Program Manager and an activist in the areas of human rights of marginalized groups and media, as well as in the area of reconciliation. Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (HCA) Banja Luka, the organization of which he is a representative, has been a member of the Network for Building Peace since its establishment, acting as the Network’s Secretariat from 2012 to 2018, where Aleksandar was in charge of coordinating and managing activities and membership in the Network on behalf of the organization. The HCA organized the initial strategic planning for the Network where the foundations of its future operation were established. Also, the HCA transferred the ownership of the Srđan Aleksić Journalist Award to the Network, thereby enriching its work. Aleksandar advocates regional representation of the Network and, through its operation, strengthening civil society, building reconciliation and developing dialogue and tolerance across BiH.

Dženana Dedić

Dženana Dedić, Director of the Local Democracy Agency Mostar. She is a sales executive with 25 years of experience in non-governmental and international organizations in project management, budgeting and finance, following lengthy experience and additional non-formal education in project management in the areas of democracy, human rights and local development. She is a member of teams for drafting local development strategies. She is one of the founders of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy and a member of the Management Board of the Network for Building Peace.

Gordana Bulić

Gordana Bulić was born in 1959 in Tuzla, where she lives and works. Gordana holds a Master's Degree in Economic Sciences and has more than 35 years of work experience in the areas of project management, marketing, organizational management, conducting research and education. She is the founder and manager of the Citizens' Association “Consumer Club” TC Tuzla, and she is also a co-founder of the Federation of Consumer Associations of BiH. She makes regular media appearances and public statements in the area of protection of consumer rights as well as protection of human rights and participates as expert in public consultations in drafting public regulations. Through her engagement in the Management Board, she wants to support the work of the Network for Building Peace, the organization whose values she shares.

Steering Committee of the Network for Building Peace for 2016-2020