European Youth Information Quality Label Task Force – Call for Members

In the framework of the Council of Europe – ERYICA Partnership Agreement, a European Working Group developed the European Youth Information Quality Label. Based on young people’s needs and the principles of the European Youth Information Charter, the Label is an easy-to-recognise sign for young people to identify information they can trust.

The application process for the Label will be opened shortly, and the submissions will be assessed by a Task Force. Therefore the Governing Board of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) calls for the establishment of the European Youth Information Quality Label Task Force for the period of January 2021 – December 2023. Membership in the group provides an opportunity to promote quality assurance in youth information and counselling in Europe, as well as to shape the continuous development of the Label.


  • To work from a development perspective with applicants of the European Youth Information Quality Label:
  • To assess the compatibility of national/regional youth information quality labels (Model 1);
  • To peer review the applications of umbrella organisations (Model 2); o To assess the applications under Model 3;
  • To make recommendations for the Governing Board for decision; o To direct appeals to the Governing Board.
  • To be responsible for the ongoing development of the Label;
  • To protect the integrity of the label.

Composition of the Task Force

  • 1 ERYICA Governing Board member (Co-ordinator);
  • 4 ERYICA Member representatives;
  • 2 Youth Ambassadors;
  • 1 ERYICA Secretariat representative;

Upon invitation: specialists working in the field in question, not covered by the Task Force; and temporary co-opted member in the case of non-ERYICA member countries and language issues.

Furthermore, the Task Force may invite specialists working in a field not covered by the Task Force and temporarily co-opt a member in the case competencies not covered by the Task Force (e.g. geographical area of the applicant or language issues).

The present call concerns the two highlighted categories.


The selection will be made by the ERYICA Governing Board on 27 January 2021, based on relevant competences, ERYICA membership category, language skills, gender and geographical balance. The applications shall be submitted here by 12:00 (noon) CET on 20 January 2021.

Duration of the Mandate

  • Member representatives: 3 years, with possibility of renewal once;
  • Youth Ambassadors: aged 18-27 at the time of the application; can remain a Task Force member until 30 years of age.
  • The mandate is personal (not organisational) and engagement in the Task Force is on a voluntary basis.

You can find further information in this document.


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