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This course opens its doors for all who are eager to learn the fundamental knowledge of composing and finally showing the best-edited photos ever. It is filled with rich information on tools, apps, and techniques that will help to overcome the path for a successful photographer. Considering all these facts suggests this amazing course.

About this course

If you have ever thought about having the most impressive shots after your long and diligent work then this course is especially for you. The course teaches very vital tricks that will be useful not only for DSLR camera users but also for occasional smartphone users.

This course provides the most appropriate information about the design elements that will help to create the proper composition for the final view. It also includes some basic techniques of the photographer’s beloved and famous Lightroom. Besides it, the course impacts information about some smartphone and computer apps that will help you to create incredible artworks from your taken photos.

The course has been created by one of the leading universities worldwide; Michigan State University. The instructors share their experiences and show how important the right combination of composition, exposure, content, and focus can bring success to any photographer.

What you’ll learn

During this course the participants will find out the following points:

  • The proper use of design elements including shape, form, texture, tone line, pattern, color, etc.
  • Accumulation of all these design elements together to interest the viewers.
  • The best editing apps both for smartphones and computers.

Join the course

By joining the course, you will be more confident in presenting your final results to your audience as the quality will be highly risen and the materials will be extremely attractive. The course will require a 16-hour effort to make for relevant and demanded knowledge. You are not obliged to learn something on fixed deadlines as they are controlled by you. The language is English but there are also subtitles in several languages. Enroll now and enjoy this free and hundred percent online course.

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