Fragility, Conflict & Statebuilding Course

Now can we counter fragility and engage in statebuilding? Reflect on fundamentals of global public policy challenges.

swisspeace, in collaboration with the University of Basel, offers a “Fragility, Conflict & Statebuilding Course” in Basel on 16-18 October 2019.
During this course you will:

  • draw lessons from links between concepts of violent conflict, fragility, state- and peacebuilding.
  • understand the foundations of states and the construction of social and political legitimacy.
  • learn about international policy responses to fragile and conflict-affected contexts.
  • reflect on current methodologies proposed by international actors for working successfully in fragile contexts.
  • exchange experience and become part of a community of practice.

Leading experts are contributing to this course:

Interested in participating? The number of participants is limited, so don’t hesitate and apply today.

Applications close on 15 August 2019. For further information, please or visit our website.

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