Call for Registration: Conference of Nature Conservationists for Balkan Region “Green Wave 2021”

(deadline for registration, Monday, 20 September 2021)

The association Licej from Belgrade, Serbia supported by the EU TACSO 3 on-demand programme, is organizing the online Conference of Nature Conservationist for Balkan Region “Green wave 2021”, which will be held on 23 and 24 September 2021.

The Conference aims to create a regional network of activists, scientists, and organizations to strengthen the impact and protection of fundamental human rights, especially those focusing on conserving natural resources. There are numerous hotspots in the Balkan region defended by local activists, and these initiatives are vital for the entire region. Often remaining isolated, without broader support, and relying solely on their strengths, these initiatives lack the visibility and resources for more significant impact. Without the solidarity of the wider community of people whose goal is nature protection, the chances of solving problems that go far beyond the local research are diminished.In addition to getting acquainted with local initiatives in the field of nature protection, lectures and workshops will be presented by experts in the field of geo-heritage and environmental law. It is expected the presence of organizations and activists from the region, experts, representatives of institutions, in order to:Creating a Declaration on future cooperation in the region Adoption of the Code of Ethics for Nature Conservationists

Raising the level of cooperation between activists and CSOs in the Balkans in the field of nature protection Creation of the first database on the geo-heritage of the BalkansIf you want to present your work and the situation you are facing in the field, please feel free to send a video of up to three minutes no later than 20 September 2021 to Ms. Dragana Božinović at In order to be efficient and have the final versions of the Code of Ethics and the Declaration on Regional Cooperation at the final part of the conference, please send your comments in advance.Please provide your comments on the working version of the Code of Ethics for Nature Conservation at the following link: 

Please give your suggestions on the Declaration on Regional Cooperation in the Field of Nature Protection at the following link: official language of the conference is Serbian. Simultaneous translation into English and Albanian will be provided.Please register to participate in the conference via the following link by Monday, 20 September 2021 at 13:00.

The conference will be held online. Registered participants will receive a work program and a link to follow the event after the registration process closes.

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