Bravo Civic Hackathon 2021

And finally the public is getting a chance to see a glimpse of the first part of the EUROCHANGEMAKERS 🇪🇺 project : 2021 National Civic Hackathon. 🇧🇦🥳

Just to remind you EUROCHANGEMAKERS is a project applied by GEYC and supported by Europe for Citizens. But back to the Hackathon itself:

✅ What is it? An event for youth to gather and showcase their creativity in designing problem solutions. 💭💪

✅ Who is guilty? Hard working members of Bosnian Representative Association of Valuable Opportunities! 💪👑

✅ When will it be? Almost at the end of September, and just in time for university students to warm up for everything that the new school year will bring, or high school students looking to experience different approaches to learning and growth. The chosen date is: 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ so mark it on your calendars! 📅📌

✅ Where? Sarajevo, the very capital of B&H 🇧🇦😍

✅ Themes? There are 3 impact areas to choose from: Social Cohesion, Environmental Challenges, and Digital base for Design thinking. 🎯

✅ Why? To engage young people in the innovation process, so that they become accustomed to discussing, reflecting, and finally proposing concrete solutions for the future of their societies, but Europe 🇪🇺 as well. 🇧🇦🏆

In the next few days we will open applications and post all necessary details so stay tuned 🧐 and get ready to #maketheworldwonder with your ideas

More information Facebook

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