Smart Sarajevo Call for Proposals

Smart cities around the world utilise the intelligence of their communities and businesses to create and adopt technology-based solutions to overcome challenges and seize opportunities that help transform “the city we call home” to a prosperous and liveable place for all residents. Cities of the future are more liveable, healthy, clean, safe, accessible for all, pleasant to live in and offering diverse opportunities – by harvesting the potential of technology, as well as capitalizing on human intellect and people’s love for their city. This Call for Proposals is launched within the Smart Sarajevo Initiative, which is a joint initiative of the City of Sarajevo and UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It convenes residents, governments, academia and businesses to facilitate dialogue, design and test innovative solutions for introducing open data, piloting technology-based improvement of public services, and encouraging a smart urban economy.


In March 2019, the Smart Sarajevo Initiative asked residents identify the top three challenges facing the city. More than 1,300 residents responded and the results, in order of priority are: 1) air pollution; 2) poor public transportation; and 3) corruption. These city issues are at the front and centre of this Call for Proposals.


A pilot city area (2 km2), entirely within Municipality of Stari Grad, will be where prototypes are launched and tested. A city zone, which will not only enable a more integrated implementation of the selected projects but will also be a demonstration of solutions that can be taken to scale. Applicants are encouraged to submit site-specific proposals that are designed for the city pilot area.


The Call for Proposals is split in two thematic streams, as follows:

– Thematic stream 1: Ideas that leverage technology to improve public service delivery and help address the priority city challenges;

– Thematic stream 2: Ideas that catalyse technology-based economic opportunities and help address the priority city challenges.


  • Private companies;
  • Non-governmental organisations;
  • Public and private universities;
  • Local communities / mjesne zajednice from the pilot zone, given that they have a legal status;
  • Public institutions (agencies, institutes, etc.) and utilities;
  • Elementary and high schools in Sarajevo;
  • Innovation hubs and technology centres;
  • Local / regional development agencies;
  • Media.


The total amount of financial resources ensured by UNDP and the City of Sarajevo amounts to BAM 800,000 divided equally between the two thematic streams. Financing from the Smart Sarajevo Initiative per project cannot exceed BAM 85,000.


1) Submit your proposal through the on-line proposal platform at

Please prepare all of you documents before uploading to the application platform. It is estimated that once the proposal form and all required supporting documents have been prepared, submitting online should not take more than 20 min. Please note that the online platform will be open for submission of proposals on 27 June 2019.

We are using the Consul platform – a dynamic citizen participation tool for an open, transparent and democratic governments. It was designed by the City of Madrid and has been embraced by more than 100 cities globally, helping connect more effectively more than 90 million of citizens with their governments. The City of Sarajevo now joins this growing community for the very first participatory proposal process in the history of Sarajevo.

2) Submit your proposal by post or in person to the following address:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo 71 000, Zmaja od Bosne bb, UN House, UNDP, Smart Sarajevo Initiative. Each envelope should be marked “Smart Sarajevo” Call for Proposals”.

Submission is free of charge. All proposals submitted online, in person, or by post that pass the Administrative Screening test will be publicly available online for residents of Sarajevo to vote on.

The deadline for submission of applications is 21 July 2019.

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