Awareness campaign: Increasing access to AVRR in the Western Balkans – Designing of the info material and campaign management

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Recently, the Western Balkans region has been a transit route for many migrants wanting to reach the EU. In the years after the closure of the humanitarian corridor on the Western Balkans route, the countries of the region have been exposed to significant migration pressures. At the same time, the change in the migration reality has revealed a need for a comprehensive migration management framework, where different migration approaches (including return management) feature mutual complementarity and integrity, taking into account protection needs among affected populations. Against this backdrop, assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) activities have scaled up significantly since early 2016 when the first voluntary returnees supported. While support was provided for the set-up of national frameworks in each of the WB countries to ensure ownership over AVRR programs, more interventions are needed to complement initial AVRR capacity building carried out through EU and bilateral projects. This primarily relates to increasing capacities for ensuring better access to AVRR to interested migrants through increased outreach and enhanced information provision.

Increased level of information among migrants (including on access to asylum, AVRR, as well as on risks of irregular migration) should not be understood as a deterrent to mobility, but rather as an effort to make informed migration choices possible and safe. This is especially true for those migrants who embark on migration journeys with little comprehension of the existing regulations in the preferred countries of destination, and more importantly in transit. Informed migration choices can only be made when one is aware of objective realities (such as those about the EU asylum systems), risks of irregular migration, and of available options, including asylum in countries of transit and return options.

Objective of the awareness campaign

The proposed interventions aim to provide further support in awareness raising for AVRR in the Western Balkans, specifically in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), as well as more targeted support for strengthening protection of migrants in the context of the changed migration realities in Europe. It intends to do so through increasing access to AVRR, by expanding the outreach to migrants, enhanced information on opportunities for return and reintegration, enhanced messaging in risks of irregular migration as well as through building capacities of service providers for more effective migrant protection. It also aims to strengthen trust and confidence among migrants in return support through enhanced outreach and counselling.

The proposed interventions comprise two expected outcomes:

1. Capacities of AVRR counsellors in Western Balkans for counselling and outreach increased

2. Migrants in the WB, and specifically, in Albania and BiH receive high quality information on AVRR through diversified channels

Scope of the services needed from the PR / Media agency or expert(s)

IOM will engage an expert/expert team to design and deliver an information campaign package for migrants currently on the WB route.  This can include preparing information sheets on countries of current residence, be that transit or destination, tailored made messaging on risks and support available The latter aims to inform migrants on risks of irregular migration, access to protection services and legal avenues in countries where they are currently located, including access to asylum and AVRR. The information campaign will serve as a communication (and counselling) tool to be used by IOM field staff in reception centres where migrants are accommodated to increase information on AVRR, and provide better understanding of actual reintegration and its options to those migrant populations residing in centres who may be interested in return.

The selected Expert team will define and develop the key concepts, methods and messages that should be part of an AVRR communication strategy;

  • Identify the most appropriate ways to present and disseminate these messages to different stakeholders;
  • Provide a detailed dissemination plan with clear messaging and sequencing Review existing IOM information tools on AVRR and identify innovative practices for new outreach activities on AVRR.
CREATIVE SOLUTIONS Develop communication strategyBranding and rebranding campaign
 digital identity using the existing materialsGraphic and print design solutionsSocial media visuals developedVisibility materials design.
DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Facebook applications and contestsDigital and targeted display advertisingIntegration of existing tools and social media outlets in message dissemination.
DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING Feasible strategies for digital marketingStrategic positioning in social networksContent management and optimizationTargeting, measurement and evaluationSocial Media MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (SEO)Google AdWords and AnalyticsCreation of a social media monitoring framework.PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS
  Video production / AVRR human storiesSocial media videosPhotography and retouching.

Time schedule for the delivery of services

Service provider is expected to respect the following time schedule for the delivery of services

  • Expression of interest to be submitted in the form of maximum two pages concept by November 18th.
  • Participation in Info session with IOM commission team for the Call for Proposals. November 26th.
  • Final proposal  to be submitted by December 9th
  • Contractor selection and signature of the Contract by December 20th.

Service provider is expected to commence all services upon the signature of the Contract. The contract’s curation will be for one year from the date of signing with the possibility of extension.

Closing Date: Monday, November 18, 2019
Language English

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