Frame: Project Grant for Organisations to Participate in Art Fairs Abroad

Deadline: 31 March 2017

Frame is seeking applications for its Project Grant for Organisations to Participate in Art Fairs Abroad to strengthen the international position of Finnish contemporary art by supporting the opportunities of galleries to participate in major international art fairs.

The purpose of grants awarded by Frame is based on the strategy of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Frame’s own strategy.

Frame is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. Frame supports international initiatives, facilitate professional partnerships, and promote the visibility of Finnish art abroad through grants, a visitor programme and residencies, seminars and talks, exhibition collaborations and network platforms.


The grant can be awarded for the presentation at art fairs abroad of work by Finnish artists or artists based in Finland.

Project grants can be only applied for to cover the following expenses:

  • booth rental or participation fee
  • travel and accommodation expenses
  • transport and insurance of artworks

Eligibility Criteria

  • galleries
  • artist-run organisations such as associations and cooperatives

Artists or work groups are not eligible for project grants to attend art fairs. They are advised instead to apply for a travel grant for artists for exhibiting abroad.

Required Appendices

  • project description: description of the fair and reason for attending this particular fair, grounds for the choice of artist, and significance for the development of the artist’s international career
  • project budget
  • Curriculum Vitae (1–2 pages) or biography of each participating Finnish artist
  • 3–5 images per participating Finnish artist

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit Frame.


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