SOS Kinderdorf International, Predstavništvo u Sarajevu je objavilo poziv za angažiranje vanjskog konsultanta za izradu komunikacijske strategije.

Terms of Reference

for development of communication strategy aiming to support fundraising efforts of organisation and raising awareness about rights of children and youth from alternative care and families with children in social need

by external CONSULTANT/agency

SOS Children’s Villages BH are part of Federation of SOS Children’s Villages International operating in 136 countries and territories worldwide.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina SOS Children’s Villages operate since 1994. with programmes in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Gračanica, Srebrenica and Goražde. Representative office in BiH consists of 166 people.

SOS Children’s Villages BiH intend to develop an Internal and External  Communications strategy for Organisation’s Programmes to enable smooth information flow and enhance the awareness, understanding, and knowledge of general public as well as key stakeholders in the government, private sector, civil society, etc. at the national and local levels on:

  • Necessity and quality of care provided by SOS Children’s Villages to children without parental care in BiH
  • Necessity and quality of programme services provided by SOS Children’s Villages to biological families so to prevent abandonment of children

We expect from consultant to:

  1. Conduct a Communications Needs Analysis
  2. Adapt existing SOS international and local strategies into local int/ext communication strategy with set of guidelines where appropriate.
  3. Identify the communication products and activities tailored to each audience, using international and local Organisations’ policies and documents regulating and explaining relevant aspects of work and build on already produced international communication material when possible, for each target audience.
  4. Develop dissemination methods and media such as video, print, web/online media, traditional media, and social media to communicate key messages to specific stakeholders through existing Organisations communication channels.
  5. Create work plan with clear deliverable outcomes, indicators and tools for the implementation of the strategy.
  6. Prepare a list of the resource needs (human and financial) and estimated implementation budget
  7. Develop indicators to monitor and evaluate communications tools and activities, in order to measure the impact on achieving the overall objectives.
  8. Develop strategic plan and action plan for organizational crisis communication

Scope of Engagement

The Consultant will work closely with the FRC Director. SOS CVI BH will provide the Consultant with all relevant documentation, contacts for stakeholders and relevant information to provide insight into the current communication structure.

The Consultant will be accountable for the following deliverables

Methodology of work: The provided methodology will detail the Consultant’s understanding of what is being reviewed and why, as well as proposed methods, tools, sources of data and procedures intended to answer each review question. The methodology should also include a proposed schedule of tasks, activities, timeline, deliverables and key issues.

A Draft Internal and External Strategy: The Consultant will deliver a draft Strategy within the indicative assignment timeframe. SOS CV BH will provide inputs to the draft strategy.

A Final Strategy: The Consultant will deliver a final strategy to SOS CV BH within the stipulated timelines.

6. Consultant Qualifications

  • At least BA level in communication filed or social Science and humanities.
  • Experience in producing communication strategies.
  • Strong record of development and delivery of creative and external communications, extensive work experience and proven record in advocacy, policy, campaign, strategic management; Demonstrate experience of having undertaken similar assignments.
  • Ability and experience to  raise awareness of the Child Protection Policy principles.
  • Knowledge in social and communications sector, knowledge of result-based methodologies.
  • Ability to integrate different experiences, methodologies, and approaches from a diverse range of stakeholders, organizations, and technical experts from multiple sectors.   
  • Ability to turn complex language into appropriate messaging for a range of audiences and have experience delivering communications using a variety of channels aiming at those ‘hard to reach’ target groups.

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