OSCE oglas za posao: National Programme Officer, Democratic Development

Job Title: National Programme Officer, Democratic Development

Organization Name: OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Drvar Field Office

Location: Drvar

Grade: NP1

Closing Date of application: 09-07-2019

No. of Posts: 1


The incumbent is responsible for field level implementation of the Department’s Democratic Governance project. This includes the identification, design and implementation of appropriate project activities in conjunction with relevant partners at the local and regional (Cantonal) level of government as deemed relevant and necessary. The incumbent has particular responsibility to design initiatives aiming to alter negative political dynamics, where and when deemed relevant; promote stability, conflict prevention and social cohesion. He/she monitors, analyses, reports and advises regarding relevant developments and trends in the field of democratic development and governance within his/her Area of Responsibility (AOR). The key focus is on political, inter and intra institutional and social interactions and processes that promote stability and social cohesion. The incumbent will also implement initiatives to develop the capacity of citizens and citizens groups to represent their views to local and regional governments and public institutions and to take actions on their own behalf. The incumbent coordinates activities closely with the supervisor, Head of Field Office, and other Field Office staff to ensure that there is synergy between different initiatives undertaken at the Democratic Governance project level, at the level of the Human Dimension Department, and at the Field Office level.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Specific duties include:

  • Implementation of the Democratic Governance project within the Field Office AOR through the design and delivery of activities in order to achieve project’s objectives, which are related to improvement of the democratic governance at the local level through strengthening political, inter and intra institutional and social interactions and processes that promote stability and social cohesion. This will, in particular, relate to increasingengagement, co-operation and commitment of elected representatives and local leaders; strengthening inter-institutional co-operation, co-operation and partnership between citizens and local governments, and engagement of citizens, organised civil society groups and public institutions in promotion and strengthening of the social cohesion.
  • Contributes to the development of strategies aiming at ensuring sustainability of good governance and democratic development achievements within the Field Office AOR. This includes active monitoring, regular assessments, development and implementation of project initiatives based on identified needs.
  • Assesses relevant information on political, social and governance issues within the AOR, gathered thorough monitoring relevant developments and processes; and through direct contacts with the local counterparts.Provides information and advice to the Supervisor, Mission’s Head Office and Head of Field Office on all governance and democratic development matters relevant to the implementation and future planning of the Mission’s Democratic Governance portfolio, through routine reporting, spot reports, periodic assessment reports and thematic assessments.
  • Ensures that political, policy and administrative issues which might present obstacles to project implementation are addressed, either through direct intervention and/or by bringing such issues to the attention of the Supervisor, Head Office staff of the Democratic Governance Project or Head of Field Office.
  • Coordinates with international and national organisations active in the area of democratic governance in the Field Office AOR in order to prevent duplication and to gain maximum benefit from related initiatives, through regular meetings and monitoring of activities, in consultations with the Supervisor and Head of Field Office.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Necessary Qualifications

  • University degree, in political or social sciences, public policy, law or humanities;
  • Minimum two years of professional experience, preferably in project management, local governance development, public administration,or civil society development;
  • Established knowledge of political structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina; competencies, functions and legal environment of local governments; and legal, political and operational environment of civil society; 
  • Understanding of the role of civil society in the democratic system; familiarity with the main mechanisms of citizens’ participation in public affairs; and general understanding of trends and issues of civil society activism in BiH;
  • Computer literate with practical experience with Microsoft applications;
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and local languages;
  • Possession of a valid driving licence.

Required competencies

Core values

  • Commitment: Actively contributes to achieving organizational goals
  • Diversity: Respects others and values their diverse perspectives and contributions
  • Integrity: Acts in a manner consistent with the Organization’s core values and organizational principles
  • Accountability: Takes responsibility for own action and delegated work

Core competencies

  • Communication: Actively works to achieve clear and transparent communication with colleagues and with stakeholders of the Organization
  • Collaboration: Works effectively with others on common goals and fosters a positive, trust-based working environment
  • Planning: Works towards the achievement of goals in a structured and measured manner
  • Analysis and decision-making: Analyses available information, draws well-founded conclusions and takes appropriate decisions
  • Initiative-taking: Proposes and initiates new ideas, activities and projects
  • Flexibility: Responds positively and effectively to changing circumstances
  • Managerial competencies (for positions with managerial responsibilities)
  • Leadership: Provides a clear sense of direction, builds trust and creates an enabling environment
  • Strategic thinking: Identifies goals that advance the organizational agenda and develops plans for achieving them
  • Managing performance: Helps to maximize team performance by providing active feedback and skill development opportunities

Remuneration Package

Monthly remuneration, subject to social security deductions is 3,181.92 BAM/month. Social benefits will include participation in the Cigna health insurance scheme and the OSCE Provident Fund. Appointments are normally made at step 1 of the applicable OSCE salary scale. At the discretion of the appointing authority a higher step may be approved up to a maximum of step 3 subject to specific conditions.

How To Apply

position is open to citizens and permanent residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina only.

If you wish to apply for this position, please use the OSCE’s online application link found under http://www.osce.org/employment. Please note that offline applications submitted via email, fax, or mail will not be considered.

The OSCE retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment, to offer an appointment at a lower grade or to offer an appointment with a modified job description or for a different duration.

The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply to become a part of the Organization.

Please be aware that the OSCE does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process.

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