Caritas Švicarske produžava rok za dostavljanje ponuda i ponovo objavljuje poziv za Istraživanje tržišta i mogućnosti zapošljavanja u području 7 opština Gornje-drinskog regiona

Term of Reference
Caritas Switzerland (hereafter named CaCH) plans to commission a labour market and employment opportunity assessment
within seven municipalities of the Upper-Drina-Region (UDR).

  1. Objectives of the assessment

The labour market and employment opportunity assessment will be conducted to complement a household survey and will serve to inform CaCH’s further planning of project activities. The main objectives are to:

  • Identify existing and potential employment opportunities
  • Determine the demand for technical and soft skills for employees
  • Understand barriers to labour and income generation
  1. Required profile:
  2. Working experience in the area of local economic development/agricultural value chain, development and private sector engagement
  3. Working experience with institutional involvement in sustainable development /community empowerment / natural resource management
  4. Strong conceptual and research /analytical with the ability to think strategically conclusion and recommendations
  5. Own mobility and ability to work on its own but also in the team with CaCH staff
  6. Good knowledge in oral and written English

Deadline for submission is February 24, 2020.

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