Invitation for offer: Video production

Location: Sarajevo, Konjic, Bratunac, Zenica, and Živinice Application deadline: 20 April 2021

Type of contract: Service contract Duration of initial contract: 30 days


Under the motto of ‘Leave no one behind!’, the Caritas Switzerland Country Strategy 2021–2025 for Bosnia and Herzegovina reinforces its fight against poverty through the thematic priority areas of income and jobs generation; addressing the challenges of endogen and exogen induced migration; and tackling the linkages between climate change and poverty. In doing so, all Caritas programmes feature a strong social inclusion dimension mirroring our understanding as to which inequality and exclusion are key root causes for keeping entire population groups in poverty.

Caritas’ longstanding presence in the country combined with its technical expertise, familiarity with the regional context and excellent reputation among stakeholders and international and national actors are steppingstones allowing the organisation to rely on long-standing, tested and trustful partnerships both with state structures and NGOs both for project implementation and advocacy with a view to furthering systemic change.

This strategy is translated into practice by strongly emphasizing the rights-based approach as a useful method to simultaneously promote empowerment (of right-holders) and institutional reform (on the side of the state): both are key elements to overcome inequalities and achieve inclusiveness. Together with strong awareness for conflict sensitivity and our commitment to gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, rights-based analyses are thus streamlined into all programmes and projects. Emphasizing ownership and sustainability, we will increasingly shift towards taking a more facilitatory and coordinating role while national structures (municipalities, ministries) shall assume their constitutional obligations and live up to their responsibilities towards servicing their citizens.

Based on a solid financial foundation – prominently featuring considerable shares of local co- financing by national structures from all levels – the strategy has its primary focus on financial stability and consolidation, while at the same time emaining fully attentive to opportunities for careful growth and expansion.

Past efforts to increase programme quality, consistency and knowledge management will be continued with a focus on monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL), capacity development of staff and governmental as well as non-governmental partners and a particular focus on developing and introducing new methods and approaches.


Caritas Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina is seeking professional videographer to supply video production services. A videographer should make one video in three length versions (45 seconds, 3 minutes, 15 minutes) about Caritas’ agricultural project. The videographer will have approximately 30 working days under this contract. Caritas will use the materials for advocacy and communication purposes.

  • At least 3 year experience as a professional videographer
  • Excellent technical capacities to ensure smooth and high quality production
  • Experience covering social, humanitarian and development subjects will be an asset
  • Knowledge of local and English language
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Openness to change and the ability to receive and integrate feedback
  • Field trips to Caritas Switzerland project sites within the country
  • Conduct interviews according to the Caritas guidelines
  • Production of video (script writing, videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling, format exporting, graphics, archiving raw and edited work etc.)
  • All videos produced must be of the highest quality
  • The contractor shall use their own Full HD quality video camera and professional editing software. No equipment will be purchased or provided by the Caritas Switzerland
  • Edit the footage in line with the script agreed and approved by Caritas Switzerland
  • Embed sub-titles in the video as per need
  • Audio balance the final product and convert it in formats for use on TV, and web
  • Clearly identify location, name and age of interviewees, quotes and any relevant detail
  • Include appropriate Caritas Switzerland branding and crediting of Caritas ownership for the produced videos
  • Provide Caritas Switzerland visual and interview guidelines
  • Field trip
  • Provide all background materials
  • Provide guidance throughout the process
  • Perform quality control of all deliverables


The copyright of all materials produced (raw and edited) during the assignment will belong to Caritas Switzerland. Caritas Switzerland will have the right to use these videos in perpetuity in web and on multimedia platforms and upload in its database. If necessary, Caritas will organize and finance overnight stays and meals in certain locations.


The service provider is required to complete the following specific tasks: 1. Submission of both technical and financial proposal.

Interested individuals will submit a Technical Proposal, with description of their experience, as well as a portfolio of previous works. The Technical Proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Short profile of all team, including CV, diplomas, and certificates of videography/softwares- related studies;
  • Detailed individual portfolio showcasing range of work
  • A description of production capabilities: videography equipment, including related hardware and software

Individual offers will be evaluated based on cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the applicants’ technical and financial proposal.

Evaluation GridMaximum score
Technical criteria
Work experience15
Knowledge of softwares and platforms10
Equipment, hardware and software10
Financial criteria
Financial offer (30 days)50

The financial offer should be submitted for the tasks listed in the table below.

PublicationsPrice in BAM without all taxes
Audio and video rercording 
Audio mix 
Licensed Stock soundtrack 
Sub-titling (Bosnian and English) 
Archieving raw and edited work and format exporting 
Editing and format exporting – WEB (45 seconds video) 
Editing and format exporting – TV (45 seconds video) 
Editing and format exporting – WEB (3 minutes video) 
Editing and format exporting – TV (3 minutes video) 
Editing and format exporting – WEB (15 minutes video) 
Editing and format exporting – TV (15 minutes video) 
Conduction of 8 interviews 
Field trips to Sarajevo, Konjic, Bratunac, Zenica, and Živinice 


The application should contain:

  • Technical proposal
    • Financial proposal in BAM without all taxes and charges
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure you have provided all requested materials

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