Head of Field Office, Brcko (S3), OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brcko

Closing date: Thursday, 21 October 2021

General Minimum Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working with the OSCE are:

  • Excellent physical condition
  • Possession of a valid automobile driving license and ability to drive using manual transmission
  • Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure

Field of Expertise Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working in this field of expertise are:

  • Second-level university degree in international studies, public policy, political science or law or related fields
  • Diplomatic experience or experience working in political affairs with international organizations or governments
  • Experience in preparing analytical reports
  • Excellent communication and drafting skills
  • Knowledge of regional political history and developments
  • Diplomatic and negotiating skills
  • Some knowledge of the OSCE principles and commitments

Level of Professional Competence Requirements

Furthermore, this level of responsibility requires the following: Education: Second-level University Degree in Law, Political Science, International Relations, Public Policy, or equivalent.

Experience: Minimum 6 years (including at least 3 years at the management level relevant to the actual post) of relevant professional experience in an international setting. Previous experience of working with an international organisation preferred.

Mission Specific Requirements

Additionally, this particular post has specific requirements: Mandatory:

  • Second-level University Degree in Law, Political Science, International Relations, Public Policy, or equivalent;
  • Minimum 6 years (including at least 3 years at the management level relevant to the actual post) of relevant professional experience in an international setting. Previous experience of working with an international organisation preferred;
  • Understanding of the work of the Human Dimension Department and the strategic and local issues related to human rights, education, rule of law and democratic governance;
  • Knowledge of political structures and current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Excellent communication skills including the capacity to convey complex concepts and recommendations in a clear and concise fashion for different audiences;
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, advocacy and mediation/facilitation skills;
  • Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity, with ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities;
  • Professional fluency in English with excellent oral and drafting skills;
  • Ability and willingness to work as a team member and with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds and diverse political views while maintaining impartiality and objectivity with tact and diplomacy in dealing with both external persons and multinational staff;
  • Excellent organisational skills, with ability to work under pressure, manage multiple tasks and process large amounts of information;
  • Computer proficiency especially in word processing and email.


  • Knowledge of the local language is an advantage.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Director of the Human Dimension Department, the successful candidate will be tasked with the following duties: 1. Ensuring that the Department’s resources are used effectively and efficiently to achieve the Human Dimension programme objectives, providing co-ordination between the political and programmatic aspects of the Mission’s work in the Field Office;

2. In co-operation with HDD Management and Heads of Section, supporting programme implementation through provision of mentoring and advice on programme policy and implementation and intervening directly with local counterparts where necessary;

3. Liaising with governmental, non-governmental and international organisations active in sectors relevant to the Human Dimension Programme in the AoR to gather information and ensuring appropriate field level co-ordination;

4. Acquainting yourself with local political and social conditions and proactively seeking information which might have an impact on the current implementation and future development of the Human Dimension Programme in your AoR and advising the Head Office accordingly;

5. Providing regular political analysis and update to the Head Office and the Field and advising on all aspects relevant to the implementation and future planning of the programme, including first level evaluation of programmatic activities taking place in the AoR; Acting as early warning focal point in the Field and leading the process of development and implementation of the Field Office Conflict Prevention Plan in order to analyze the situation in the AoR, identify and prioritize issues to be addressed and develop adequate response action;

6. Acting as a gender focal point in the Field Office, ensuring gender and youth mainstreaming in activities of the office, including but not limited to leading the implementation and reporting against the Mission’s Action Plan on Gender Equality, reporting on youth relevant activities, overseeing the implementation of activities which are significant to the enhancement of the rights of women, co-operating and communicating with local gender mechanisms (such as municipal commissions on gender equality, co-ordination bodies for combatting domestic violence, implementation of UN SCR 1325, work with women’s CSOs) and performing other specific gender relevant work for the Field Office;

7. Ensuring that there is effective communication between Field Office and Head Office by bringing problems and issues to the attention of relevant Head Office staff in a timely manner; and ensuring that progress in achieving the programme’s objectives are reported accurately and by ensuring that instructions and requests from Head Office to the Field are understood and actioned;

8. Informing the HDD Management and Heads of Section about programmatic issues, ensuring that programmatic activities are consistent with political objectives and that political obstacles to programme implementation are brought to the attention of the Head Office;

9. Carrying out the administrative duties of the Head of Field Office;

10. Ensuring that all Office staff work in compliance with the OSCE regulatory framework whilst maintaining a harmonious, productive and professional working environment;

11. Attending security briefings on behalf of the Office organized by EUFOR LOTs, local police and other relevant organisations and informing all Office staff of the current security situation as appropriate;

12. Performing other duties as assigned.

For more detailed information on the structure and work of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, please see: https://www.osce.org/mission-to-bosnia-and-herzegovina.

Please note that nationals or permanent residents of the duty station are not eligible to apply.

The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages the nomination of qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. Please note that nationals or permanent residents of the country of the duty station are not eligible to apply.

Candidates should be aware that OSCE officials shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting the status of an international civil servant. This includes avoiding any action which may adversely reflect on the integrity, independence and impartiality of their position and function as officials of the OSCE. The OSCE is committed to applying the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mandate. For more information on the values set out in OSCE Competency Model, please see https://jobs.osce.org/resources/document/our-competency-model.

Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered.

Please apply to your relevant authorities well in advance of the deadline expiration to ensure timely processing of your application. Delayed nominations will not be considered. The OSCE can only process Secondment applications that have been nominated by participating States. For queries relating to your application, please refer to the respective delegation as listed here: https://www.osce.org/contacts/delegations.

Additional Information

  • Requisition ID: HUM00001I
  • Contract Type: International Secondment
  • Grade: S3
  • Location: OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brcko
  • Posting Date: Sep 16, 2021
  • External Closing Date: Oct 21, 2021
  • Target Start Date: Jan 10, 2022
  • Job Type: Seconded
  • Job Level: Senior Professional
  • Employee Status: Fixed Term
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Education Level: Master’s Degree (Second-level university degree or equivalent)

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