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Job Title: Consultant for Online Survey and Data Collection Tools
Organization Name: OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location: Sarajevo
Closing Date of application: 19-03-2019
No. of Posts: 1


Note: This is a consultancy assignment.

The Mission has been supporting development of inclusive schools in BiH, among others, through the implementation of the Index for Inclusion (IfI) with the ultimate aim of creation of schools which are acceptable and accessible to all. The IfI methodology has been accepted by education authorities as a tool for self-assessment and inclusive development of schools. As part of the Mission’s efforts to further promote inclusive school development planning, the 2019 Education Project foresees the application of the Guidelines for School Inclusivity Assessment, jointly developed by representatives from all MoEs and PIs, in selected administrative units. The aim of this initiative is to identify achieved inclusive changes at school level and further promote good practices. This process will imply the engagement of the responsible MoE and PI in terms of collecting and analysing of the feedback from schools in a form of a questionnaire provided as integral part of the Guidelines. In addition, each school is periodically conducting school self-assessment based on inputs received from students, parents, teachers and other representatives of the local community, as stipulated in the Index for Inclusion methodology. In order to do this in a participatory manner, the schools deliver questionnaires to as many as possible members of the aforementioned stakeholders to learn about their views. In order to assist schools in improving the current method of survey and data collection and analysis, the Mission plans to assist the relevant MoE and PI with providing additional skills and knowledge to perform the entire process in a more efficient and effective manner. This will be achieved by translating the questionnaires into online survey forms and providing one-day training in electronic survey and data collection tools to selected members from the MoE/PI and school development teams. Additional value of this initiative will be that the trainees will be able to use the improved skills in this field also for other future projects and initiatives. The Trainer shall report to the HDD Director through National Programme Officer, Education, and at the second instance to the National Chief, Education.

Tasks and Responsibilities                


The aim of the training will be to present free electronic online survey and data collection tools to the trainees and lead them through the process of their application in a manner adjusted to the relevant questionnaires. Taking into consideration the nature of the training, the Trainer will develop the structure of the training in co-operation with the National Programme Officers, Education. In addition, the Trainer will be asked to, prior to the training, get familiar with the basic concepts of inclusive school development planning and translate the six questionnaires into online survey forms, in cooperation with the National Programme Officers, Education. This will result in a ready-made survey tool for schools to apply during the self-assessment process, as well as when mapping concrete changes in school inclusivity. This initiative is meant to be piloted in West Herzegovina Canton, upon the request by the MoE, with possibility to be expanded to other administrative units as deemed appropriate. The planned event will take place on 25 April in Siroki Brijeg, with all preparatory work being completed in the previous days.

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Get familiar with the main concept of Index for Inclusion methodology and school development process, including the content of the questionnaires for school-self assessment and the framework for follow-up of the inclusive school development;
  • Translate the six questionnaires into online survey forms, in cooperation with the National Programme Officers, Education;
  • Develop a structure of the training in cooperation with National Programme Officers, Education;
  • Undertake necessary preparations to get familiarized with the objective of the training and trainees to be able to adjust the method of delivering the training to specific needs of participants;
  • Deliver the training and make himself/herself available for eventual additional clarifications as required by the participants.

Necessary Qualifications      

  • University Degree;
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in the subject matter and conducting trainings;
  • Extensive knowledge of online survey and data collection tools;
  • General knowledge of main concepts of school development planning will be considered an advantage;
  • Good knowledge of the Mission’s involvement in education;
  • Experience in facilitation of group discussion;
  • Sensitivity toward different religious groups and confessions;
  • Ability to recognize and acknowledge a variety of points of view;
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt the training methods to varying needs of participants.

Required competencies         

Core values

  • Commitment: Actively contributes to achieving organizational goals
  • Diversity: Respects others and values their diverse perspectives and contributions
  • Integrity: Acts in a manner consistent with the Organization’s core values and organizational principles
  • Accountability: Takes responsibility for own action and delegated work

Core competencies

  • Communication: Actively works to achieve clear and transparent communication with colleagues and with stakeholders of the Organization
  • Collaboration: Works effectively with others on common goals and fosters a positive, trust-based working environment
  • Planning: Works towards the achievement of goals in a structured and measured manner
  • Analysis and decision-making: Analyses available information, draws well-founded conclusions and takes appropriate decisions
  • Initiative-taking: Proposes and initiates new ideas, activities and projects
  • Flexibility: Responds positively and effectively to changing circumstances

Managerial competencies (for positions with managerial responsibilities)

  • Leadership: Provides a clear sense of direction, builds trust and creates an enabling environment
  • Strategic thinking: Identifies goals that advance the organizational agenda and develops plans for achieving them
  • Managing performance: Helps to maximize team performance by providing active feedback and skill development opportunities

Remuneration Package         

The Consultant will be paid a total of 900 BAM for three working days (300 BAM per working day) upon delivery of the requested services.

How To Apply                      

This position is open to citizens and permanent residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina only. If you wish to apply for this position, please use the OSCE’s online application link found under http://www.osce.org/employment. Please note that offline applications submitted via email, fax, or mail will not be considered. The OSCE retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment or to offer an appointment with a modified job description or for a different duration. The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply. Please be aware that the OSCE does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process.

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