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Nataša Maksimović, predsjednica 


Snježana Ivandić-Ninković, program menadžerica Snaga Lokalnog


Maida Zagorac, projekt menadžerica Snaga Lokalnog kompnenta 2


Minel Abaz, projektni menadžer Snaga Lokalnog komponenta 1


Marinela Domančić, projektna koordinatorica


Mirjana Ribić, PR i web administrator


Elma Demir, programsko-administrativna službenica


Una Telegrafčić, programsko-administrativna službenica


3 komentara

  • S nevjericom sam danas saznala
    za tuznu vijest da je preminuo nas dragi Goran Bubalo.
    Neka pociva u miru
    Sabina Nuhefendic – Italija

  • Dear Trustees,

    Greetings from India in the precious name of our Lord and Divine Savior Jesus Christ.
    I seen your website that I need your help for Children and Covid-19 Victims of Corona virus (Covid-19)
    Our organisation working in India.We are run the Children home and help for emergence Relief works,At present situation is very severe and sad around us because of COVID-19 Corona virus (diseases) at all parts in our Andhra Pradesh and in India. We are distributed last month food percales to poor families in Covid 19 Crisis.Now we are very suffering financial crisis.I apply to grant for CHILDREN EDUCATION AND COVID-19 PROJECT and Christian activities. Pleas let me know.how to apply.

    Thanking you.
    Mrs.Vaddi Ratna Ross,
    Assist Ministries,
    Website: assistministries.org

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