Volonteer Instagram Fulwisher

  • Believe in Fulwish’s mission;
  • Have 1-⁠2 hours a day to dedicate for work remotely;
  • Are self-⁠motivated and open-⁠minded to explore new things;
  • Want to learn, develop new skills;
  • Have some basic understanding of Instagram’s social media marketing;
  • Understood everything written here without dictionary.


  • Experience of joy when you see that number of wishes fulfilled growing. It’s really wonderful, trust us. Reading people’s stories can give you goosebumps;
  • Your work will never go for waste, you will be contributing to people and planet;
  • You have a chance to be impactful -⁠ you’ll be part of the decision making process to think of and execute new ideas;
  • You’ll learn a ton -⁠ startup gives you really unmatchable work experience. You’ll know what mistakes not to make and what opportunities to make use of. You can become a pro in that direction which we assign you.


In order to apply, you need to send your CV to this email -⁠ nini@fulwish.com

Official website: Fulwish.com

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2018/02/13/volunteer-instagram-fulwisher/#ixzz56yqoVYl8

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