Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GAGP)

Deadline: 28 February 2018

The Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina is seeking application for its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GAGP) to focus on supporting local communities and people more directly in order to respond to the basic human needs.

Under the GAGP, grants are provided to public institutions (municipalities and municipal public companies, etc.), primary schools, primary health care centers or NGOs which carry out relatively small scale projects.


GAGP supports a wide range of projects which are related to basic human needs as well as human security issues. Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina put priority to the sectors such as:

  • Primary health care
  • Primary education
  • Demining

Funding Information

The maximum available fund per project is 10 million JPY (approx 85,000EUR or 165,000KM). For humanitarian demining projects, however, maximum grant per project can be exceeded 10 million JPY.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants: local authorities (municipalities and municipal public companies), primary schools, primary health care institutions (dom zdravlja) and local and international non-governmental organizations which are active in grassroots and socio-economic development activities.
  • The following applicants are NOT eligible: individual persons, profit organizations, central governmental organizations (eligible in exceptional cases), political organizations, religious institutions, kindergartens, research institutions, higher educational institutions and hospitals (bolnica).

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

For more information, please visit Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: https://www2.fundsforngos.org/education/embassy-of-japan-in-bosnia-and-herzegovina-grant-assistance-for-grassroots-human-security-projects-gagp/

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