Consultant for Technical support for strengthening draft beekeeping regulation in the Federation of BiH (STTA) (m/f), Ref: 2BiH/18

USAID/Sweden FARMA II – Description of Project 

USAID and the Government of Sweden have awarded Cardno Emerging Markets USA a five year contract for implementation of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity II (FARMA II) project in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH). The purpose of the FARMA II Project is to create agricultural and agribusiness economic opportunities for BiH farmers and entrepreneurs.  FARMA II will achieve this by assisting agricultural producer organizations to adopt European Union (EU) and international agricultural and food standards and new production techniques, produce new high value products and expand their access to foreign and domestic markets.  The objective of FARMA II’s Component 2 is to strengthen the BiH public sector capacity to implement regulations, norms, practices, and rules in the areas of agriculture & food, veterinary & plant health and safety, accreditation, standardization and quality certifications related to food and agricultural products which meet EU and international best practice requirements.


As it was noted in past EC Progress Reports, BiH should harmonize its official control system and upgrade its food establishments to be able to exports products of animal origin to the EU. As a potential candidate country for EU accession, BiH should gradually align its regulations with the EU acquis and ensure their effective implementation. This objective should also be reflected in the plans, programs and strategies adopted at state and entity level.

Amongst other activities, FARMA II has been working with the Entity Ministries of Agriculture to prepare for future implementation of relevant EU policies, including food safety, veterinary and phyto-sanitary regulations. Gradual alignment in this field is defined by the EU negotiation Chapter 12 (Food Safety, Veterinary and Phyto-sanitary Policy), and reflects the EU’s integrated approach to food safety aiming to assure a high level of food safety, animal health, animal welfare and plant health within the EU, through coherent farm-to-table measures and adequate monitoring, while ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market. The principal pre-requisites for a candidate country in this domain are the transposition of the EU legislation, and its implementation by a properly structured and trained administration.

Purpose of this assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide technical support for the preparation of an implementing regulation for (Rulebook) beekeeping which will regulate the terms and conditions for the holding, transfer of beehives, protection of colonies, records of beehives and bee pastures and other issues of importance for the field of beekeeping in the Federation of BiH.

Beekeeping in the Federation is largely unregulated by legislation. There is no special Law on Beekeeping, but there is a legal basis for regulating the sector in the FBiH Livestock Law. In cantons, there are acts that partly regulate the matter, but in a non-coordinated and non-harmonized manner. According to data from cantonal ministries responsible for agricultural in the FBiH in 2016, compared to 2015, there was a decrease in the number of bee communities and production of honey.

The first working draft of the ‘Rulebook on Beekeeping’ was developed by FBiH MoA. However, FBiH MoA has requested assistance from the FARMA II project to analyze the draft and propose improvements to address the basic regulatory issues for beekeeping and ensure the promotion of best practices within the rulebook, in line with EU and other international practices.

The technical assistance will be targeted through a working group (to be appointed by the Federal Minister of Agriculture) in the drafting of rules on beekeeping and development of the rationale for the suggested legal provisions. This assistance will also form part of a broader training and capacity building of the working group members and other relevant civil servants who will be responsible for the implementation of the regulations, including the inspection and advisory departments, and which will be ready in the near future to continue the work with cantons, municipalities and other relevant parties, as well as maintaining a broad dialogue with POs and other private sector stakeholders. It is also anticipated that this support will enable key stakeholders to better understand the main aspects and provisions of the beekeeping regulations and its implications for the beekeeping sector.

Planned activities

Activity 1 – Overview and analyses of the existing FBiH Draft Rulebook on Beekeeping and preparation of proposals and recommendations for its improvement;

Activity 2 – Support drafting/revising the existing FBiH Draft Rulebook on Beekeeping with the Working Group, with rationale, and its implications. The activities will be supported and prepared in the partnership with the FBiH MoA.

Activity 3 – Support for training and awareness raising concerning the new proposed draft rulebook to targeted civil servants


  • Analyses of the existing FBiH Draft Rulebook on Beekeeping;
  • Final FBiH Draft Rulebook on Beekeeping (with rationale);
  • Training materials developed and delivered to targeted staff.

Timing and Level of Effort 

Total LOE is estimated at up to 8 days and is expected to take place between February and April 2018.

Qualifications and skills 

  • University degree in agriculture, veterinary science or closely related subject;
  • Ideally, post-graduate degree in agriculture science or closely related subject;
  • Excellent analytical, communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Excellent written and oral English and any of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina people (Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian);
  • Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
  • Proven ability to work in a team and under pressure.

Professional experience 

  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Experience in implementation of the EU acquis in the field of veterinary, food safety and animal health and animal welfare;
  • Knowledge and experience of the relevant regulatory issues as these relate to the beekeeping sector within the EU.

We encourage qualifying candidates to send a Cover Letter including three References and CV via option “PRIJAVI SE NA OGLAS”.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is January 21, 2018. 

Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.

All information received will be treated with confidentiality.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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