Consultant for Market research for BiH export of poultry meat, poultry meat products and table eggs to Croatia (STTA) (m/f), Ref: 1BiH/18

USAID/Sweden FARMA II – Description of Project 

USAID and the Government of Sweden have awarded Cardno Emerging Markets USA a five-year US$16.2 million contract for implementation of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity II (FARMA II) project in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH). The purpose of the FARMA II Project is to create agricultural and agribusiness economic opportunities for BiH farmers and entrepreneurs. USAID/Sweden FARMA II will achieve this by assisting agricultural producer organizations to adopt European Union (EU) and international agricultural and food standards and new production techniques, produce new high value products and expand their access to foreign and domestic markets. The objective of FARMA II’s Component 1 is to strengthen the competitiveness of the BiH private sector resulting in greater sales and exports of selected agri-food products.

Scope of Work: Poultry Market Research in Croatia (STTA)

The poultry sub-sector is currently the most developed and concentrated sector in animal production in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Further development of this sub-sector is conditioned by future exports to the EU, especially to Croatia, which represented a significant export market for B&H producers prior to its accession to the EU.

In September and October 2016 the European Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Food Safety audited the official control system for poultry meat and meat products and table eggs and it is expected that BiH will soon be included on the official list of those countries permitted to export poultry meat products to the EU. In anticipation of such a decision, USAID/Sweden FARMA II wishes to support the private sector by conducting targeted market research for poultry products in the Croatian market.

Purpose of assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to support BiH poultry processors / exporters in understanding the current situation, recent developments and opportunities in the Croatian poultry market and to help them identify and establish direct connections with key distributors for the relevant value chains, including fresh, frozen and processed chicken meat and table eggs.

Using both primary and secondary sources of information, the consultant is expected to prepare the following:

  • Short country profile:
    • General overview of the Croatian market (basic facts about the country, key economic indicators)
    • Total and regional data on population, and available data on the number of tourist visits per season per region
  • Value chain analysis
    • Overview of the key local competitors (poultry processors); Estimate of their market share in the observed categories; Information on ongoing / past advertising campaigns and the promotional channels used.
    • Information about the key international competitors and their overall market share, key distribution channels, key importers, wholesalers, and distributors (often indicated on the labels of imported products).
    • Contact details for the key importers/distributors (address, location, responsible person for the category) and the preliminary findings on their interest for sourcing the poultry products from B&H (the consultant is expected to visit or contact the key players)
  • Poultry market overview:
    • Relevant information about the poultry market in Croatia, poultry vs other meat consumption per capita, breakdown within the poultry consumption (chicken vs. turkey meat), any consumer research / consumption data and trends (available from secondary sources), including the details on organic or free-range products.
    • An overview of the Croatian retail market relevant for the poultry category, including
      • The market share and the key players for each distribution segment (retail chains, specialized shops, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, butcher shops, other)
      • Product range represented in the selected stores, including the detailed information on producers, packaging and prices (with photo documentation). This information should include an overview between the deli section (where the fresh products are sold in bulk and cutting and slicing is possible for the processed meat) and the general section (pre-packaged products). Particular attention should be given to fresh (chilled) chicken cuts, pre-packed.
    • Information about the HORECA segment and tender-based procurement (army, police, prisons, etc.)
    • Information about the needs of the meat processing industry, their current level of imports and sources of chicken meat
    • o         Organic & free-range subsector description and perspectives
  • Market access and import procedures – (“road map for market entry”), including the information about any issues that the poultry importers had in the last 3 years with product imports and distribution.
  • Information on the trade fairs in Croatia that may be relevant for B&H poultry processors
  • Other relevant information considered of relevance to potential exporters for these markets

To orient his/her activities, prior to commencing the assignment the selected consultant will receive the analysis of the available foreign trade data for the last three years (2014-2016) for Croatia for relevant tariff codes.


With an aim to support B&H poultry exports to the Croatian market, the consultant should prepare a detailed market research report, in line with the parameters outlined above. The report should also include clear conclusions and recommendations, and detailed information about product range, producers, packaging and prices, with relevant source materials included in the annex of the report.

At the end of assignment, the consultant should plan to formally present the report to the key stakeholders in BiH.

In addition, the report should include: 

  • List of key trade support institutions (trade organizations, government, inspections and other relevant public entities).
  • List of key country contacts for poultry retail and industry trade, including the list of interviewed persons and institutions (with their contact details)
  • List of relevant trade fairs & shows, trade & culinary magazines, on-line trade portals, TV cooking shows
  • List of references / literature used for the report
  • Supporting photo documentation, copies of business cards for relevant stakeholders
  • Links to websites of relevant stakeholders and their promotional activities
  • Final report on the activities and outcomes

Timing and Level of Effort

Total LOE is estimated at up to 12 days, including travel and is expected to take place in February – March 2018. The consultant is expected to provide a brief plan of research based on the proposed activities and expected results. The consultant is expected to spend up to 3 days on data collection, analysis and reporting (desk work) and to use the remaining time for field activities in Croatia (visiting the key distributors) including travel to BiH to formally present the report to the key stakeholders. Regular communication with FARMA II supervisor will be expected throughout the assignment period.

Qualifications and skills 

  • Minimum of a relevant university degree; post-graduate degree is preferred;
  • Excellent analytical, communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Excellent written and oral English and any of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina people (Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian);
  • Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
  • Proven ability to work in a team and under pressure.

Professional experience

  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Relevant professional experience in market research and data analysis;
  • Practical knowledge and experience of the Croatian agri-food value chain is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the poultry sector will be considered an advantage.

We encourage qualifying candidates to send a Cover Letter including three References and CV via option “PRIJAVI SE NA OGLAS”.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is January 21, 2018. 

Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.

All information received will be treated with confidentiality.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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